Welcome to our new website

We are happy to have you here! Please take a look around and let us know what you think and how we can best support you.

For those of you who are familiar with Parent to Parent of NYS, you will certainly notice some changes to the faces and names featured on the site. We have had many changes throughout the pandemic period, but have remained committed in our dedication to all of you—the parents, family caregivers, and professional partners we serve.

In addition to welcoming new faces, we want to share some news regarding a change in our office footprint across New York State. Prior to the pandemic we had identified that we could best serve you if our staff was co-located rather than working solo as was previously the case in several of our regional offices. So we have been undertaking a bit of consolidation and are happy to reveal our new office configurations. Upstate East is located in Schenectady, NY and will serve what was formerly known as the North Country, Capital District, Hudson Valley and South Central regions. In addition they will be serving part of what had previously been known as our North Central office. Upstate West is located in Rochester, NY. They will take the remainder of the North Central counties and provide services to the families previously served by our Western NY, Finger Lakes, and Southern Tier offices as well. Not much will be changing with our downstate offices located in NYC, Staten Island and Long Island, with the exception of Westchester now being served out of our NYC office. More information about our offices can be found here.

What will never change? That individuals with disabilities exist within a family system. Families need support: from families in similar circumstances, within their local communities and within broader service systems. It is an honor to work with our staff statewide in carrying out our longstanding tradition of ensuring that families do not feel alone, that someone is available to listen, to share their experiences and knowledge, and to foster hope. In coming together across lines of disability, to support and strengthen each individual family member, to learn from each other, and to develop positive parent-professional partnerships we ensure the best possible outcomes for our loved ones within families that thrive.

Here is to our collective future!

Michele Juda
Executive Director

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